Some basic rules of horse poker

With the increase in popularity of casinos, especially online ones, more and more card games are being played these days. Some of these are no longer popular while others have become classics. One of the most popular poker variations is horse poker. This game involves five players but unlike other types of poker this one can be done with two or three players as well.

If you are looking to learn more about horse poker or how to play this game, here is your chance. This article will provide information on the rules of this game as well as tips on how to improve your odds of winning. The goal of this article is to introduce you to horse poker so, if possible, try it out with your friends after reading this.


The first thing to understand about horse poker is that there are two different sets of rules that you can use to determine who the winner is. The first one is used when there are five players while the other works for two or three players. We will begin with the version that involves five people playing horse poker. The dealer deals out all of the cards in order after which everyone gets to see their hand and put in an ante to participate in the game. After this is done, the dealer lays down five cards face up on the table. The dealer then takes one card from his or her hand and adds it to each of the five piles present on the table. Once this is completed, everyone bets whether or not they wish to stay in. If there are at least two players who remain, the dealer hands out another card to each pile. If there are fewer than two people betting in this round then all of the cards are collected and a new one dealt for the next go around. This continues until there are at least two players betting when it comes time to add that dreaded sixth card. Once that happens anyone who stays in needs to place a certain bet known as the bring in. The bring in is equal to half of the original ante amount and must be placed before anyone looks at their hand. Once everyone who remains places the bring in, every player may look at his or her cards after which they can fold if desired. Once that happens, there will be a showdown in which all of the players show their cards and the winner is determined.

Horse Poker for three or two people is very similar to the variation that involves five players.

The only thing you need to do differently is remove cards from the deck until there are ten left in total. You can either split these up into two piles of five or keep them all in one stack. Either way, every player gets dealt five cards each followed by the first betting round. The dealer then adds two cards to each of the three piles present on the table before moving on to the second betting round. Keep in mind that there are no hands or showdown during this stage of the game. After this betting occurs, another card is added to every pile and a new betting round takes place which marks the last of the game. Players may fold at any time after this if they do not wish to continue or they can bet in order to stay in for this round. The dealer then adds a final card to each pile and there will be another betting round before a winner is determined.