Intertops is probably one of the most interesting and exciting online poker site in the industry.

They hold their own in an industry that is full of competition, and they keep on winning players with their full service poker room. After all, you need a good quality website if you want to attract potential players.

intertops has quite a bit going for them, and they offer players some of the best online poker bonus out there..

Poker bonuses are one of the major factors determining how many people will play at any given site. You can advertise the best poker room in the world, but if you don’t give them a good incentive to join your “club”, then you won’t have the players you are looking for. intertops offers new players a 200% up to $500 sign up bonus. This is the standard that most poker rooms use, and it is very effective, as most players who join will deposit at least that amount of money (some up to $2k or more).

Intertops online poker room also has a fantastic rewards system that allows players to earn points that can then be used towards online poker cash. Just how good are the reward program at intertops? Well, their VIP website gives players up to 50% rake back.

what benefits do you get for playing at intertops?

The security of any online website is very important, especially if you are looking to deposit large sums of money. A good website will make sure that each customer is secure, and they will guarantee this by using 128 bit encryption. This basically means that anyone trying to steal information encoded on your computer would not be able to read it without the decryption key (which is unique for every player).

On top of the encryption, online poker sites use firewalls to keep hackers away from their player’s information and bankrolls. You’ll never have to worry about having your money stolen at intertops because they take extra steps and precautions when it comes to money transactions.

intertops is a company that has been in business for over 10 years and they have an impeccable record when it comes to protecting their customers and keeping their money safe. Even if someone were able to steal information from intertops, it would be virtually useless because almost every poker site uses different encryption keys – any information that is stolen from other sites would be useless because it would not have the decryption key that matches their software.

intertops Poker – Regular Tournaments With Guaranteed Prizes

One of the big problems with many online poker rooms is the lack of tournaments, and those available are for very small amounts of money. If you do a good search, you may find a few tournaments at some sites that have prizes of more than $100k, but most online rooms offer very little if any guarantees.

intertops on the other hand, offers players a great selection of poker tournaments with guaranteed prizes. In many cases, these tournaments will give players a prize pool of more than 200 times the buyin.

For example, the Sunday Special Poker tournament gives players a 1 million chip starting stack and a great prize pool of $200,000. Other bigger tournaments have even higher guaranteed prizes, but this is one of the larger ones that you will find online.

intertops – Offer Some Of The Best Poker Bonuses Around

Poker bonuses are one of the major drawing points when it comes to signing up for an online poker room. If you have the best site in the world but don’t offer any incentives for players to play at your poker room, then chances are you won’t see very much action.

One way that many sites try to attract new players is with a sign up bonus. This can be anything from a matching deposit to 500 dollars free. The more money offered as a sign up bonus, the better and intertops poker offers something that is pretty standard – 200% of your first deposit up to $500.

While this may not be the biggest offer out there, it should certainly entice you to sign up and give the website a shot at your business.

intertops Poker – Rewards Program With As Much As 50% Rakeback

One of the other ways that sites attempt to bring players in is through a rewards program. These types of programs vary from site to site, but most offer some type of cash back or points system that can be used later on. If you are a high volume player, this could be very beneficial since the cash backs would build up over time – which is basically like earning free money.

intertops Poker has one of the best rakeback rewards programs around with some players reportedly getting as much as 50% back on their play (for example, with a $1 rake, you would get 50 cents in rewards).

The strategy of poker is different than that of most other games.

When you play Poker, there’s just one goal: to win money by betting on cards which you think will be the best hand for this round. At Intertops Poker, we make it possible to enjoy online Poker games 24 hours a day – whether at home or in our Poker room. You’ll see that Poker at Intertops is just as exciting as playing in real life! We offer you two options for your online Poker game:

Instant Play – Just click on the Online Tournaments link and within seconds you can be seated at any one of our tables, ready to play poker with real money or just for fun.

Real Money Poker – The money you win in your online poker games can be used to play other casino games, or if you wish, withdrawn from your playing account. In the Intertops Cashier section you’ll find a list of Online Banking options that are available to us. You can request a bank cheque or even have funds transferred directly to your bank account.

Games at intertops poker online site can be enjoyed from any computer with a high speed Internet connection, from anywhere in the world!